“But when Jesus saw it, He…said to them, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God (Mark 10:14).”

Children love to come to Jesus, and it says something about Him that children loved Him and that He loved children. It is especially important to bring children to Jesus when we remember they have a whole life in front of them to serve God with.

Here at TPC, our Sunday School provides a structure for teaching God’s word to the kids of our church as they study about God and His doctrines. Sunday School provides the right platform for kids to come and learn more about Jesus. They are mentored and supported to build a personal relationship with Him. Kids are divided into different grades based on their age group and each child is attended with much care and diligence. Bible stories with moral meanings and Christian values, action songs, group activities and Bible reading are all part of every Sunday School class. Every Sunday School teacher of TPC is a born again, baptized Christian with a commitment to teach the word of God to every child under their care.  We do our best to answer their questions with answers from the Bible. We guide and support the kids through prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts and minds.

We follow the English and Malayalam Sunday school curriculum of IPC, Kerala which forms the basis of our teachings, as approved by the Sunday School board. We also conduct mid-term and regional examination on a regular basis.

Learning from the Bible has never been so much fun! Come join us!